New Scheerhorn #423 for sale on Ebay

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There's a new Scheerhorn L Body #423 for sale on Ebay with an opening bid of $6500.  Happy bidding


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...misspelled, no less!


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My serial # is 429, I picked it up in March 2004.  I can understand saying it is in new condition, but it is hardly "brand new" as he puts it.

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Silversprings MD is the ebay account but also the place where Mike Auldridge lives.




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But it is located from from Maryland. And the area of Md. is actually Silver Spring (no s). But I have seen that e-bay account somewhere before. Can't place it. You think they'd give a little more detail on the guitar itself.


The starting price seems low in comparison to what we've seen in recent years. Didn't Tim's list end with pricing at $6K (I suppose I should know that answer since I'm being throwing down for one of the last ones).

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Michael Barton:

But I have seen that e-bay account somewhere before. Can't place it.


I thought the same thing...


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The way I understand the ad on Ebay the Horn is located in Ohio.    I wonder if this is  the Horn that I heard about a couple years ago for sale for $10,000 that is new and unplayed.   I bet the reserve is about that price.  Probably not a bad deal in a year or so!!Surprised

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I have to question how any dobro can be worth this much. OK, it's a great instrument but that is a lot of money. A JD Limited Edition is less than that.


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No Comparison!!!!  Its called Supply and Demand

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There's some other good stuff on eBay. Brad Talley's selling a good looking Guernsey ($2300), and there's a really classic looking 7-string Shobro and an old cyclops (the seller says it's all original, but it looks refurbished to me). 



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I've been checking out the Takamine roundneck, Biscuit bridge reso's on ebay. Those look like sweet instruments. Hmmm

ain't gonna happen....The Mrs. is repainting the music room and she's been counting instruments. Anyone want to buy a hundred year old Banjolele!?



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